Stop Drunk Texting App for Android

Stop Drunk Texting App

If you want to stop drunk dialing or drunk texting your ex, boss or friends then the Stop Drunk Texting app is the easiest way to make your nights out free from embarrassing drunken texts or phone calls.

Simply install Stop Drunk Texting on your phone and when you go out drinking you can select 6 contacts from your phone book which will be temporarily removed, preventing you from calling or texting while drunk.

In the morning you will then be able to unblock your contacts and their numbers will be returned to your address book.

Stop Texting An Ex

Stop Drunk Texting is also the easiest way to stop texting an ex-partner, especially if you are prone to drunk dialing or texting when you are out having fun. Simply select your ex-partner from your contacts and you won't be able to contact them for 12 hours.

Stop Drunk Texting Android App

For less than the price of a beer you can download Stop Drunk Texting for Android from either Google Play or the Amazon Appstore. Stop Contact is a similar app available for Apple iPhones from the Apple AppStore.